Passport Stamps and ICTFL 16

Thanks to everyone who stopped and visited our booth at the Illinois Conference of spanishteachershop-passport-stampsTeaching of Foreign Languages 2016 Fall Conference.

We’d like to remind everyone that all our materials can be found on our website and

One of the most talked about parts of our exhibitor’s table was our Passport and our  Stamps.

Passport Stamps and Passport Booklet for Spanish ClassGiving each student their own passport has a variety of functions. It gives them ownership of their learning; it introduces them to the concept of traveling abroad and learning about cultures; and it can be used to track their progress in class.
Over the last several weeks we’ve been working to expand our stamp collection. We now offer all 21 Spanish Speaking Countries (plus the US).

See below for more information:Printable Passport Template

You can download our Spanish version of our Passport Template to print a passport for each student. (We are currently working on French version to be available soon). Why spend hours creating your own, searching the internet and finding subpar versions, or spending a ton of money to buy a passport.

Use the passport pages to have students write the unit objectives, I can statements, tests or quiz grades, proficiency levels, homework checks, or more. Once students have completed each, stamp it with a country image.

These culturally relevant images are so fun and will get students excited about their learning. We’ve even learned a bit as we researched the country to come up with a unique design. So example, one of our newest stamps, Paraguay, features imagery of “Ñandutí”, which is a traditional Paraguayan embroidered lace, and comes from the Guaraní word for “spider web”. Paraguay is known as the heart of South America. We’ve put that all together to create this design:
Check out all our country stamp designs here and our Proficiency Level stamps here, proficiency-levels-stampwhich are great for grading! And if you don’t see a stamp you’d like, email us and we will create a new design for you at no additional cost.

You also be interested in our Airplane Ticket template.

For all of our LESSON PLANS, including how to use MOVIETALK in your classroom, check out our lessons, categorized on SpanishTeacherShop, or through our storefront on TeachersPayTeachers.

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