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I recently read some fellow blogs with some great ideas and wanted to pass them along.

1. “And the winner is….” by Aventuras Nuevas
In this blog post, the author shares how she takes a current event, such as the Oscar, and brings it to the classroom. Check out the impressive collection of authentic tweets that the students get to read the next day in class!

2. “Thief! A game to practice physical descriptions and direct object pronouns” by The Comprehensible Classroom.
Martina shares an old game she has used to practice asking and answering yes/no questions related to physical descriptions. A easy game that is sure to engage your students.

3. “The Road to Proficiency is Littered with Errors” by The Divergent Spanish Teacher
Sra. Carnes prepares her students for a communicative assessment by saying “If you are perfect and make no mistakes, you will NOT get a 100%. You will not get a 100 because if you make no mistakes, you stayed safe and gave me [this much]. It is not possible at this level of proficiency for you to be perfect AND do what I am asking you to do.” And she is spot on! We need to encourage our students to take risks and be more concerned about using the language that being afraid to make a mistake.

For more ideas for your Spanish class, check out our Spanish Pinterest Board
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1 Response to Blog Share

  1. Laura says:

    Let me just say, I love posts like this, yours and Maris Hawkins “Brillante Viernes” posts! I find so many cool things I might have missed!

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