Top 5 Sub Plans

It’s that time of year…. coughing, sneezing, child puking all night. Whatever the reason, we all need a good sub plan ready to go. Here is our top 5 sub plans for Spanish teachers:
Top Sub Plans

1. Vocabulary Practice by SpanishPlans on TpT
If you are starting out a new unit, you can have students practice their new vocabulary Vocbaulary Practice Activitieswords. Choose activities from three categories (5 points, 10 points, 15 points) and have students do a total of 20 points worth of practice. Differentiated activities range from picture flashcards, “rainbow” words,  CBA order, and more!
Great spelling and vocabulary practice for Foreign Language (Spanish, French, German), English as Second Language (ESL, ELL), or Language Arts class.

User feedback “This is a GREAT sub activity. I had subs say that they’ve loved it because it was easy for the kids to follow/understand, yet kept them busy the whole hour! (And I love the options it gives the kids, even for extra credit!)”

2. Harry Potter Sub Plan by Sra Dentlinger on TpT
Free TPRStory of a simple version of Harry Potter. Engages the students with a book they Harry Potter Sub Planenjoy and can apply previous knowledge to. This lesson can easily be completed by Spanish 1 and 2 students in one 50 minute class session.
In the lesson, students will read a story about Harry Potter, draw the original story, answer 5 comprehension questions in English about the original story, write a different version of the story.

User feedback: “This was a fabulous sub plan. My sub didn’t need to explain anything and I loved reading what the students wrote!”

3. Spanish Countries Trivia Game by I Speak Your Language on TpT
This unique trivia game features 100 questions with the answers being the countries where Spanish is an official language. Even students who think they are no good at trivia can make an educated guess given the list of countries to chose from. This is a team game where individual team members can call on “experts” on their team to help them out if they don’t know the answer. Answers to game questions provided.

User feedback: “Wow, I needed an emergency sub plan!! This is perfect. . . my students will enjoy the competition aspect and hopefully learn a lot along the way!! Thanks so much!!”

4. Spanish Adjectives Review Game and Famous Hispanics Research Project by The World Language Cafe on TpT
Spanish Adjective Review GameReview adjectives and descriptions of people by trying to guess by giving clues of 15 famous Americans and 12 famous Hispanics. Lots of ways to use this one!

User feedback: “This was an amazing powerpoint and a wonderful way to teach about description, circumlocution and culture in a fun format. I especially liked that I could use this with lower and upper language levels!”

5. Internet activities
If you have have access to computers, iPads, laptops, or a computer lab, then have students work on the following sites: – Students need to create accounts, and can add their friends to compete against each other. Students seem to enjoy this website a bit as they navigate though lessons trying not to get an answer wrong and lose a “heart” as once they lose all their hearts, they must restart the lesson.
Free Rice en Español – This site actually donates rice as you get answers correct. Make sure students choose “Spanish” under “Subjects” for foreign language practice, as Akinatorchanging the site language will result in questions for native speakers.
Genio de Adivinas – Akinator, the web genie, will guess any person you think of. Can play as a whole class. Make sure you enter a student age otherwise you may encounter inappropriate questions. Students will be amazed that Akinator will guess correctly their likely choices. Great way to practice questions in the target language as well.


Hopefully your sub plan will go so smoothly that your students will be wondering this….

not sure if sub

instead of your sub thinking this:

I dont always substitute teach

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  1. Awesome. I lost my emergency sub plans I generated years ago, and now they’re asking us for them again :-/ I’m going to use at least a couple of these. Thanks!

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