Jesse y Joy Cubeecrafts

Make your own Jesse y Joy Figures
Jesse & Joy fans can now create their very own Jesse y Joy dolls. These paper figures are ready to make with just paper and scissors. The finished product will stand at approximately 3.5 inches (9 cm).  Makes a perfect addition to your desk, dresser, or locker. For your free download…

Click the pictures to download the templates. Then just print on heavy paper (cardstock or photo paper). Cut out the shapes. Slice the white lines (a craft knife is almost essential for best results) and then fold along the black lines and the black tabs. Slide the black tabs into their matching lettered slits. That’s it! You’ve got your own Jesse y Joy doll. Although you do not need tape or glue, I’d recommend taping the tabs from the inside to ensure they don’t pop out (which can be quite frustrating!) Turn your favorite artists into orgami masterpieces!

Click to download

Click to download Joy

For Jesse, you can also add a 3-dimensional hat rim.

Click to download

Click to download Jesse and his hat

Check out the video below for full details:

I would like to thank Cristhel Aguirre (@cris_em23) for their original art work of which the faces of Jesse and Joy in the craft are taken from. A talented artist!
jesseyjoyWhat do you plan to do with your JyJ CubeEcrafts? Share your idea in the comments! And if you live with several JyJ fans, better make more than 1, otherwise you’ll be asked
“¿Con quién se quedan los muñecos de Jesse y Joy?”

We’ve also combined Jesse y Joy con Mi Villano Favorito (Despicable Me)
for these two images, which was even retweeted by @Jesseyjoy:

una en un minion

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And Lastly…

Jesse y Joy Chocolate

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