Hanging up Flags in Classroom

Over the last several years, I have been purchasing large 3’x5′ flags of Spanish Speaking countries, for display in my classroom. You can find them for pretty decent prices on ebay. The only problem was the lack of wall space, or more frustratingly, a way to keep them up. I used to tuck them into the ceiling tiles and let them hang against the back of the wall. I also have metal frames around my windows, so I buy Magnetic Clips and hang them over the windows.

But I have one area of the room, with a lot of empty space and I was unable to do either of those. That’s when the following three items came in handy:
How to hang up a flag in your classroom3M Command Hanging Clips, a tension rod, binder clips

For less than $10 you can get all of these and use them to hang your flags. The Clips are about $5 dollars for a pack of 6. And they will stick to anything. I have used them against cement brick wall, actual brick walls, and drywall and it stays put, but you can take it off without leaving marks. It really works! Go to the curtain or shower rod aisle of your favorite department store and pick up a tension rod for $5-10 depending on the size. And what teacher doesn’t have binder clips laying in some desk drawer. Attach the Hanging Clips to the wall, clip the flag to the tension rod, and wham!, you have yourself a flag that isn’t going to fall down.

Easy solution to Hang flags in school How to easily hang up flags in your classroom
Easy way to decorate your classroom for cheap! For other decoration ideas for your classroom, check out our Bulletin Board posts.

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14 Responses to Hanging up Flags in Classroom

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  2. Misty says:

    I know this is an older post, but hopefully you’ll see this. I noticed in your picture that you’re using the small adhesive hooks. Have you found that these are able to hold much weight? I’m looking for something to hang our bathroom pass from. It is a small clipboard, to give you an idea of weight. I also need to hang pocket organizers (like this one: http://www.dollartree.com/cleaning-storage-hardware/storage/The-Home-Store-Hanging-Pocket-Organizers/212c261c261p301823/index.pro ) on the inside of cabinet doors. Do you think those would be good enough? These hooks get so much more expensive as you go up in size!

    • spanishplans says:

      They are pretty strong actually. I also use them to hang up 12×12 album frames that I use for calendar pictures. And you’re right, they do get expensive. I try to see if I can catch them on sale.

  3. Karen Moler says:

    you could also use a yardstick, ruler, or paint stirring stick depending on the size of the item you are hanging (if you don’t want to but a tension rod)

  4. Penny Andrews says:

    Or use PVC pipe instead of a rod. Super cheap! I’ve used the metal PVC and it only cost $2.50 for a 110″ length.

  5. spanishplans says:

    We just blogged over at The Lesson Cloud on how to improve the look of Stikki Clips when hanging up posters: http://www.thelessoncloud.com/2012/08/stikki-clips.html

  6. Jennifer says:

    Where do you get your flags from? The ones I ordered off the Internet were cheaply made, but your look nice.

  7. spanishplans says:

    Jennifer, I think I actually ordered them from e-bay several years ago.They were about 10 dollars each I believe.

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  9. Do you have any video of that? I’d care to find out more details.

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  11. Richard says:

    Try VELCRO! to attach rod to wall! Then use binder clips!

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