Decorating with Postcards

I know we have all bought some beautiful postcards during our travels. Let’s use them to decorate our classroom and turn our hospital walls into a charming space that allows students to see the beauty of the target culture.

Decorating Spanish ClassroomStep 1: Buy postcards during your travels. I bought these in Bolivia.
Step 2: Buy a collage frame. Tip: I bought this one for $1.99 at a secondhand store.
Step 3: Use 3m hanging hooks to hang up frame in your classroom.

For a few dollars, you have a beautiful exhibit of the culture. You could do the same with any photos you have taken.

You can do the same with monthly calendars, or find out how to easily hang up those country flags.

How to Class up Your Classroom

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Spanish Teacher in Chicago. Have studied or traveled to Costa Rica, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Spain, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Argentina, and Uruguay. Have taught level 1 at middle and high school levels. Degree in Spanish and Master's in Teaching and Leadership. Blogger
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5 Responses to Decorating with Postcards

  1. Super great idea! Thanks for sharing!

    Mundo de Pepita, Resources for Teaching Spanish to Children

  2. Anonymous says:

    Gosh, I’ve seen this idea a few times but have never done it. Thanks for the reminder.

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  4. Emily says:

    I also collect postcards when I travel. I used to buy them in case my photos didn’t turn out. With the new cameras and phone cameras, that’s not an issue anymore. My husband still buys the interesting views–arial shots, multiple views–for our scrapbooks–yes, we still make scrapbooks!

  5. Susan Woodend says:

    I like to buy postcards to get pictures without people! You can also make color photocopies of your own photos and enlarge them. You don’t even have to print them on heavy paper if you can laminate them or put them in a frame.

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