Teachers Tweeting: Free Professional Development

I’ll admit, I used to say I would never get a twitter account. I didn’t see the purpose and besides what did I have to say that would be important to anyone to read? I thought twitter was just for famous celebrities or businesses. In the 7 months since I’ve been a part of Twitter, I’ve have come to learn many things.

Twitter as a PLN
Granted, I first had to Google what exactly a “PLN” was that I kept seeing everyone mention. Well, this “Personal Learning Network” is composed of fellow teachers and educators who share tons of useful information, exciting web tools, and networking! You’ll be amazed at the number of teachers who are using twitter to network and learn.

Free Professional Development
With your own PLN, connected to hundreds of other educators, you will be able to get free professional development everyday you log in. No need to pay for those expensive workshops and conferences. I have been able to receive so much knowledge and ways to improve my teaching from twitter. The links and educational tools that teachers have shared have been amazing and I would not have found them without being connected on twitter.

Taking Advantage
Besides regular tweets, many educators participate in Twitter “chats”. By using a hashtag, a word follow by the number sign (#), you can follow conversations. Most take place on a weekly basis and topics are decided ahead of time. See a list of chats here.

Find educators who use twitter and start making connections!

For Spanish or Foreign Language specific information….

Find Spanish teachers and other Foreign Language educators on Twitter:
A twitter user’s list of “Communicative language teachers & learners”
-Follow our twitter, @spanishplans

Foreign Language Tweets and Chats:
-Every Thursday at 7pm CT, numerous Foreign Language teachers participate in a chat using the  hashtag #langchatFor more information, and to read previous chats, visit the langchat wiki
-Also, be sure to check or tweet the hashtags #flteach, or #wlteach

Authentic Language
Reading tweets from native speakers in Spanish is a great way to connect with other cultures. Do a search for #5demayo on May 5th and you’ll see what Mexicans really think about the holiday. Also, you can change the location of your “Trends”. Trends are hashtags that are popular and current hot topics being discussed on twitter. You will find these on the home page on the right column. If you change your location to a Spanish Speaking country, you will see what the hot topic is that day.

Buena suerte, mis tweeteros!

“Yo Tuiteo, Tú Tuiteas, Él Tuitea, Nosotros Tuiteamos, Ustedes… Twitter is Over Capacity; too many tweets.”

About spanishplans

Spanish Teacher in Chicago. Have studied or traveled to Costa Rica, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Spain, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Argentina, and Uruguay. Have taught level 1 at middle and high school levels. Degree in Spanish and Master's in Teaching and Leadership. Blogger www.SpanishPlans.org
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