Jesse y Joy

One of my favorite Latin artists to listen to, Jesse & Joy, brother and sister duo from México City, are a hit with my Spanish students. Their music is extremely catchy and very easy to understand, especially for beginning level students. I like to play music at the beginning of class as students come into the room work on their bell work.

Check out their website for more information.

Their first album, Esta es mi Vida, features such hits as Espacio Sideral, Esta es mi Vida, Llegaste tú, and my favorite, Volveré.

Volar como lo hace Superman

Their second album, Electricidad, features hits Si te vas, Electricidad, Chocolate, Adiós, and many more!

And good news, their first single, “Me Voy” from their new album is expected to come out late June 2011 September 5th, 2011 and their new album “¿Con quién se queda el perro?” near the end of October!

My students love the creative music video for Chocolate, and apparently almost 2 million youtube viewers agree.
Jesse y Joy ChocolateUsing wordle, I have created a word cloud, using their lyrics from the album Electricidad. The bigger the words are, the more times they appear. Here is the result:

Jesse y Joy

For another wordle and an activity involving J+J for your Spanish class:
One of my favorite song: Una y Otra Vez

Letras de Una y Otra Vez

Use 3 JyJ songs as BellRingers and have your students listen to the song and fill in the missing lyrics. View this activity here.
Escucha las canciones Adíos, Chocolate, y Espacio Sideral. Los estudiantes escriben las palabras de las letras que faltan.

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