Spanish Speaking Activities

The whole point of learning a foreign language is to be able to communicate. Our students need to be practicing speaking as often in possible in Spanish classes.

During certain activities our goal may be very specific. Sometimes we want to focus on pronunciation, so that our students sound authentic when they speak. If a native speaker can’t understand the message, because of a difficult accent in pronunciation, then there is a communication breakdown. Especially in Spanish, where pronunciation is so easy because letter sounds are so consistent, it is important to have our students speaking clearly.

Other times, we should focus on the message, and try not to get students all worked up over grammatical correctness. As long as they are able to express themselves enough so that a native speaker would be able to understand them, then communication exists. Sure, fluency is important, with the nuances of adjective agreement, correct verb structure, and so forth, but ultimately the goal is communication.

Here are 8 Spanish Speaking activities to use in your classroom:

Chores Vocabulary student oral activity Spanish

  • 20 questions for students to ask each other regarding chores and what they have to do around the house. Students ask the question orally and write down the names of their classmates according to their responses. (FREE)

Spanish Conversation Cards – Oral Speaking Activity

  • Get your beginning Spanish students speaking! Over 168 questions for your students to speaking spanish activityask and respond to. Cards to be printed measure 2.75 x 3.8 inches. Divided into 8 topics covered in Spanish I and into Spanish II. Makes a great way to practice in Spanish 1 and works as a great review for Spanish 2.

Spanish Food Oral Partner Speaking Listening Activity Comida

  • Uses a real life situation that students could find themselves in in the future where they must follow someone’s directions in Spanish. Students listen to their partner tell them which person wants what food items and they must look through the pictures and place the food in the appropriate space.

How to Use GarageBand for pronunciation assessments

  • This FREE HOW TO pdf shows you how to make a voice recording on a Mac computer using the Program GARAGEBAND. You can use this program in multiple class and across any grade level to assess students. I personally use this in foreign language to have my students record themselves and then I can assess their pronunciation. It’s the closest to a Language Lab as I can get!

Pronunciation Assessment / Oral Speaking Test for Spanish

  • Pronunciation Assessment or Oral Speaking Test for Spanish with RUBRIC included. You can use the rubric for any foreign language class. Microsoft Word file so that you can edit the reading or the rubric to your own needs. One paragraph for reading and 9 other sentences for reading. Or use your own scripts/passages because this item also includes teacher notes and ideas on when and how to do Speaking Tests, (recording vs. reading to teacher)

Spanish Speaking Activities

  • Over 13 Speaking Activities to get your Spanish students talking and conversing in the language. Includes: Surveys and Questionaires to ask their classmates, questions on notecards, and 5 pre-made activities for arranging partners. View the free preview for more info on this great communicative activity!

Spanish Location words: Prepositions, preposiciones Interactive Lesson

  • An amazing interactive lesson for teaching prepositions of location words in Spanish. Includes a location song, a great trick to remember left and right, A communicative activity that engages students and Links to 2 videos that use these words. The communicative activity has 9 pictures for students to describe to their partner. The partner draws the picture according to what their partner describes to them. I have used this lesson many times when I have been observed by administration and they love it! The students also enjoy it and you will be amazed at how they can use their Spanish effectively to communicate. One of our favorites lessons.  This lesson is ready to print and use! What a time saver!

Spanish Conversation Cards Level II – Oral Speaking Activity

  • Spanish oral activitySPANISH II:  We now offer our Conversation Cards for level 2. Divided into 15 common themes and topics on over 28 pages, this activity can be used all year! Download the free preview on the link below.

Or Save when you buy them together:

Spanish Conversation Cards

Levels 1 and 2 on one CD

Speaking/Oral Activities:
Spanish Oral ActivitySpanish Speaking Level 2 Prepositions of LocationComida Speaking Activity19 page Speaking Oral Activity
and now announcing Conversations Cards for Upper Levels:
Spanish 3 4 Speaking


Or check out our Teaching Materials section of our STORE for more great lesson plans.

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