Practicing Vocabulary

When learning vocabulary, or to study for a quiz, one of the most common practices has been to make flashcards. This is done in foreign language classes, English classes, and other classes where learning vocabulary is necessary.

Some teachers require their students to make flashcards. One way to do it, is to have the the word on one side and the definition on the other. For learning Spanish, the English word on one side and the Spanish vocab word on the other. It is also effective to put the Spanish word on one side and a picture on the other side. That way, the student is associating the Spanish word with the actual item, and not just another word.

There are numerous other ways to practice vocabulary and spelling. Elementary teachers know all about teaching spelling. Some put shaving cream on the desks and have the students write with their fingers. This may not be ideal for older classrooms. I have the students choose from 16 different activities to practice their vocabulary. I have divided them into 3 sections. A 5 point section, a 10 point section, and a 15 point section, depending on their difficulty or helpfulness in studying. The students must do 20 points total of practice and can complete those 20 points with any combination. four 5-point activities, a 15 and a 5, two tens. This can be used for any foreign language class.

Student’s have commented that doing this really helps them learn the words. You will see quiz scores rise as students take responsibility in actually practicing their spelling and meaning of the vocabulary.

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Spanish Teacher in Chicago. Have studied or traveled to Costa Rica, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Spain, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Argentina, and Uruguay. Have taught level 1 at middle and high school levels. Degree in Spanish and Master's in Teaching and Leadership. Blogger
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