Summer Acquisition

With summer vacation on the way, students can’t get comprehensible input from their teacher. But there are some activities that can provide enrichment for students over the summer or allow them to access to some input.

The following infographic gives you a few categories that students can practice language over the summer:

Language Acquisition during the summer

Teachers: Download a printable handout to pass out to your students

Our favorites:

Reading: “E-Courses“: These are comprehensible leveled-readers with audio Mini Stories written by Spanish students and published monthly. Download previous editions and get to reading!
Leveled Readers List: A list of all language novels (tabs at bottom for different languages) and where they can be purchased (including titles on Amazon)
Local Library: Check your local library for Spanish books, books for children/young readers are perfect! If your library doesn’t have any, check to see if they are connected with other libraries and request books. Have you checked out the Quien Fue Series or Fly Guy series in Spanish?

Netflix series
Mi Vida Loca:
Dreaming in Spanish: Listens to stories accompanied by drawings


Music: or listen to his songs on Spotify
Check out the Latin Hits genre on Spotify, IHeartRadio, or your favorite music app

Get social:
HelloTalk app (Paid lesson/chat)

Hispanic-centered Novels – read newspapers from around the world