Rubber Stamps

‘Me Gusta’ Self-inking Stamp: Blue

Facebook Me Gusta StampMeasures  approx. .5″ x 1.5″ 

Students will love to have their paper marked with this! Blue ink makes it look just like facebook.

Self inking with blue ink $15.99
Wooden Stamp $10.00
Order now.


Chile Passport Stamp

All stamps below come without SpanishPlans watermark or branding. Stamps come mounted on laser-etched natural maple wood.  Spanish teachers will want to stamp all their students’ work with these culturally rich stamps!

Ecuador StampEcuador Features “Islas Galápagos”, Galapogos Turtle, Mitad del Mundo Monument and Globe with Equator line with latitude of 0’0’0”
Peru Stamp
Celebrate the rich culture of Peru with the backdrop of Machu Picchu with the Nazca lines of the monkey and hummingbird.
Chile Stamp
This Chilean stamp features the Easter Island statues, or the Moai.
Mexico Stamp
The traditional Mexican eagle with the Mexican tourism lettering.
Colombia Stamp
Colombia spelled out with the nation outline as the O and cups of coffee and coffee beans on both ends.
Bolivia Stamp
The tourism logo of Bolivia with two traditional Bolivian women
Costa Rica Stamp
Costa Rica
One highlight of Costa Rica is Tortuguero, where sea turtles come to lay their eggs.
USA Estados Unidos Stamp
USA Estados Unidos
This country is one of the top 5 in Spanish Speaking population. Lady Liberty stands tall in front of the US Flag.
Puerto Rico Stamp Sello de Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico
Who else could represent Puerto Rico better than the coquí itself?
Sello de Honduras
This Honduras stamp features the 5 stars as seen on their flag.
Sello de Panama
The country that connects two worlds, this stamp features the Panama Canal logo along with a map of the country.
Spain Stamp Sello de Espana
Spain España
Two popular cultural activities of Spain are representing with a woman dancing Flamenco and a bull between the country’s name.
Iguazu StampIguazú Between Brazil and Argentina, this is one of the world’s most beautiful sights: the waterfalls of Iguazú.

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Stamps for Spanish Teacher

Looking for a particular country, tell us which countries you’d like to see added.

If you are interested in using the image files on your classroom materials, purchase our Passport Stamp Clipart set on teacherspayteachers.

Spanish Speaking Country Passport Stamps Clipart
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