Spanish Memes

If you are like us, you love memes. And why wouldn’t you? They are hilarious. I bet your students love them as well. So why not show your students memes in Spanish? The advantages are: short language, comprehensible, humorous. What a great way to show your students authentic language.

How to use Memes in Spanish Class

  • If you have a classroom social media account, such as Instagram or Edmodo, post a new meme every day.
  • Make a bulletin board of your favorite images.
  • Put one up on your bell ringer or project one before class starts
  • Collect ones with a common theme and have students translate

We’ve already collected a ton of memes that you can download:   separar en clase

260 MEMES in printable booklet

Spanish Memes FVR booklet

Spanish Memes Escuela spanish memes comida

spanish memes

Check out our Spanish Teacher memes.

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