Dumb Questions

If you are a teacher you know there are such things as stupid questions. Here are some of the obvious questions that students ask or some of the questions teachers least like to hear:

I have a question meme

stupid questionsI don't get it memeStudents late work meme

Using notes during test

Did I miss anything when I was absentwhen is the retakedo I still have to take the testcan I go to the bathroom memeDid you just ask your English teacher if spelling counts?Students late work memenot sure if asking serious questionAnchor Man Teacher Meme


Teacher Face when students ask a questionTeacher Memes by SpanishPlans.orgis this going to be on the test

questions before a testWhat times does class endTeacher MemesAre we going to do anything fun memeForgetting your locker combo after 3 day weekenddress for PE

Can we use our notes on the test

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