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Facebook Profile Project in French
French Facebook Project

Students create their own profile, newsfeed, and notifications, using actual Facebook vocabulary in French.

Have students write about themselves or have them choose a famous person, or even a character from a novel or from history, that they are studying.
Includes a digital template that students can complete on a computer, or a printed version for students to fill out. Your French students will give this project a major “LIKE”.

French Conversation Cards: 

French Conversation CardsGet your beginning French students speaking! Over 190 questions for your students to ask and respond to. 32 pages of cards with 6 cards per page. Includes instructions for various ways to incorporate into your class.

Cards to be printed measure approx. 3 x 3.75 inches. Divided into 10 topics covered in French I and great review for French II.

Topics include:
Introductions, Days, Descriptions, Activities, School, Family, House, Food, Routines, and Health.

French Subject Pronoun Posters

French Subject Pronoun PostersThis product contains 2 products for teaching the subject pronouns in French:

1) Subject Pronouns Posters (8.5″ x 11″): posters to hang on a bulletin board or door
2) Subject Pronoun Strips (3″ x 10″): strips to hang in a pocket chart or use on the white board

Includes pictures for “je, tu, vous, il, elle, nous, ils, elles”

French Identification Cards: The cards come with a name, country of origin, age, and French Introductionsbirthday. You can use these cards to practice asking questions and responding in French.
– Comment vous appelez-vous? What is your name?
– D’ou venez vous? Where are you from?
– Quand est ton anniversaire? When is your birthday?
-Quel age avez-vous? How old are you?

Also, a great way to partner up students.

Create your own Superhero in French
Students can create images of their own superheroes, learn important superhero French Superhero Projectvocabulary words, and use a template for students to create their own Superhero card.

Great for any level French class. Students use descriptions and apply other past vocabulary. Great for emergency sub plan or before a break.

French Clothing Shopping Unit
This is a great activity to have students practice clothing and shopping vocabulary in a French Shopping Unitpractical real-life scenario. A proficiency and task based activity.

Gets students up and moving around, while conversing with classmates about clothing items.

Includes 7 PDF files.:
1 page of directions
11 pages of 44 shopping items printed out as cards
3 pages with 15 bills each for 5, 10, 20 euros.
3 pages – 3 roles (Sales-clerk, customer, and customer’s friend) with prompts in English and translation in French. Fold to make cards
1 page of Red Cards – print out multiple copies for ‘fining’ students’ using English

Using Comics for Dialogues or Storytelling in Foreign Language : This may be one of our favorite lessons yet! This 16 page pdf offers many ready to use templates for writing dialogues in the format of a comic strip. Also gives ideas for story retelling.
TPRS Comic Strip Foreign Language
Blank Comic Templates, including with characters
Comic Templates with guidelines relating to standards
Rubrics- proficiency-based criteria
Sample Storyboard for re-telling popular stories
Ideas on how to use in your classroom now!

Foreign Language Music Lesson: This lesson was a popular one with my students. I used this lesson during the NCAA March Madness Basketball Tournament, but this can be used at any point in the year in any foreign language class.
Choose 12 songs in the target language and type in the song titles. Assign students one bracket every night and let them choose the winner based on the song they liked best.
Includes a detailed instruction page, an editable bracket and an activity page.

Ordering at a Restaurant Comic Assessment: These assessment features a 6-box comic strip of a scene between a waiter and a couple at a restaurant. Includes prompts for students to write a dialogue for each box. Prompt is written in English, so it can be used for any language class during the Food or Restaurant unit.

For all our French products, see our French category at TeachersPayTeachers.

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