We recently worked on commands in Spanish 1 in our giving advice unit. One way I grabbed attention is by creating a powerpoint slide with pictures of myself and then creating 2 other versions. I then typed in some “advice” that my “teacher-conscience” would make.

Here’s a version with the Teacher Meme character:
Spanish Teacher Mandatos
I took a regular picture of myself for the normal picture and picture with a grumpy face and a picture with an innocent looking face. I then used the powerpoint “Shapes” to create a halo and red triangles for horns. Or if you are tech savy, you can insert a transparent picture of thorns. With the speech bubbles (available in the ‘shapes’ options) I made the dialogue with the advice.

For an assignment/assessment, I tasked students with creating their own struggle of conscience between good and evil by using a character and giving commands relevant to that character.
Here are some samples:bueno contra malo Mandatos de BobEsponja


If you are interested in the template for the teacher created pictures, I have included this template (with the speech bubbles, halo, and thorns already there, all you have to do is insert 3 pictures of yourself) in this Project available on TeachersPayTeachers.

Proyecto de Mandatos

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3 Responses to Commands

  1. J. Mitchell says:

    What a great idea to get students ‘thinking’ in Spanish. I particularly like the spongebob sample. Thanks for the template 🙂

  2. ahhhpoetry says:

    Me gusta, it’s a cute idea, and my level 3B, aka hesitant learners I think would like this.

  3. spanishplans says:

    My favorites this year:
    Katniss with President Snow (bad) and Haymitch (good)
    Ferris Bueller with Mr. Rooney (bad) and Cameron (good)
    Simba with Scar (bad) and Mufasa (good)
    Elsa from Frozen with Olaf (good) and Hans (bad)
    Dora with Swiper (bad) and Boots (good)

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