Expresate Spanish Resources

Expresate Chapter 1
Subject Pronouns Practice on Powerpoint
Teaching Subject Pronouns (5 pages)
Teaching Subject Pronouns with Pictures
Telling Time : Notes and Quiz (FREE)

Expresate Chapter 2

Expresate Chapter 2 Test (Adjectives, Gustar)
Ser Adjectives Flashcards

Expresate Chapter 3
Expresate Chapter 3 Test (gustar, ir, jugar, ar verbs) and Review

Expresate Chapter 4
Expresate Chapter 4 Files- 19 Documents, Worksheets
Expresate Chapter 4 Test and Review Game
Getting students to practice vocabulary

Expresate Chapter 5
Expresate Chapter 5 Files- 20 Documents, Worksheets
Expresate Chapter 5 QUIZZES (vocab and grammar) family/house/chores
Spanish Location words: Prepositions, preposiciones Interactive Lesson
Family Familia Album / Book Project W/ RUBRIC
Guess Who? Game Clue sheet for students
Chores Vocabulary student oral activity Spanish
Tocar Worksheet and Parecer Worksheet
Facebook Myspace Profile Description Project

Expresate Chapter 6
Expresate Chapter 6 Files – Documents, Worksheets
Expresate Chapter 6 Food Vocab Presentation
Expresate Chapter 6 Test, Review Game, Study Guide
Food Vocabulary Unit for Spanish: Worksheets, Quiz
Food Project (Level 1) with Rubric
Spanish Food Oral Partner Speaking Listening Activity Comida
Spanish Food Vocab Bingo
Ser and Estar Unit Lesson Plan Packet: Spanish (19 pages) (pdf)
Ser and Estar Unit Lesson Plan Packet: Spanish (19 pages) Editable (.doc)
Affirmative Informal Commands Powerpoint Notes
Ser Estar Practice Review Powerpoint Whiteboard
Ser Estar study sheet cheat sheet BOOKMARKS
Commands and Direct Object Pronoun Practice Powerpoint
Direct Object Pronoun Notes and Practice Spanish Worksheet
Direct Object Pronoun Practice Spanish

Expresate Chapter 7
Expresate Chapter 7 Test, Review Packet (with answers)
Spanish Body Parts Drawing for Listening
Spanish Body Parts Project and Presentation
Body Parts Spanish Memory Game
Reflexive Verb Unit Lesson Plan Packet
Reflexive Verbs Guided Notes packet
Doctor Skit (Projecto de Salud) with Rubric for Spanish
Dear Abbey Asking and Giving Advice Project
Positive and Negative Informal Commands Practice
Tener Expressions + Feelings and Estar and adjectives (answers included)

Expresate Chapter 8 and Chapter 9
Clothing Shopping Spanish Unit
Corte Ingles Clothing Webquest
Preterite of AR Verbs
Preterite of -IR, -ER verbs
Preterite Spanish Powerpoint Past Tense
Preterite and Informal Commands Application Worksheet
Preterite Canciones Songs for Past Tense Spanish
Preterite Pack: El preterito– All the above files plus more for one low price!

Chapter 8:
La Ropa : Clothing Unit pack

If you are looking for Worksheets and Assessments for ALL of Level 1, look no further Expresate Level 1 File Pack 23 MB – Check out the free preview to see all that is included in this Mega-pack.

Spanish Level II:
Spanish Conversation Cards Level II – Oral Speaking Activity  Our most popular item now expands to level two, with 28 pages of questions to get your students responding to questions. Divided into 15 common topics and themes from level 2 classes.

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Other Resources:
Spanish Verbs Word Wall Bulletin: Make a word wall using the verbs from Expresate
Spanish Speaking Country Research Project: Have students research a Hispanic country
Latino America: Central and South America Country Capital Quiz:
Geography quiz
Spanish I Resource Book of Worksheets: The BEST collection of all our items
Spanish Conversation Cards – Oral Speaking Activity: Makes a great emergency lesson plan or for when you have a few minutes left at the end of class
Spanish Bell ringers: Our most popular product
Pronunciation Assessment / Oral Speaking Test: Focus on pronunciation of vowels and syllables
Free Animales Unit Spanish: Students love this lesson!

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