Comida Unit
11 files necessary to teaching any food unit. Includes vocabulary powerpoint presentation, worksheets/assessments, Bingo game, info-gap activities, and final project with rubric.

Worksheets/ Assessments:

6 Files:
1) Vocabulary Powerpoint
2)Vocab Quiz (Section 1) – utensils based on meals, and matching
3) Vocab Quiz (Section 2) – fill in the blanks
4) Vocab Practice (pictures of food), students must write the spanish word of the sentence into the correct pictures
5) Vocab Quiz of food, same setup as Vocab Practice
6) Another version of the quiz of food

Authentic Food Powerpoint
8 page slideshow featuring authentic Hispanic foods. 2 bright pictures including a “comida del dia” on each slide. Each slide also has 3 question in Spanish for your students to respond to, which make for great bell work questions!

Great way to introduce typical Mexican and other hispanic foods including torta, flan, jibarito, tuna, papaya, ceviche, and other essentials of the Mexican diet including Limón, cilantro, y arroz.

Comida Info Gap 1
This info gap activity has students pair up to find out who ordered what food.

Students ask their partner the question, the partner looks at his or her sheet to find the information and then relays this information back to their partner.

Each partner will ask about 10 different foods. 20 food vocabulary words in total.

Comida Info Gap 2
Use a real life situation that students could find themselves in in the future where they must follow someone’s directions in Spanish. Have the students work in pairs where they must listen to the partner give them directions on where to place food pictures. You can certainly edit the sentences to use specific vocabulary, verbs, and grammar structures you are currently studying in your food unit.

Includes directions on how to use this in class.

5 sheets:
1 sheet of Directions, 1 sheet for Partner A, 1 sheet for Partner B, 1 sheet of food pictures, 1 sheet of Answer Page
Includes mp3 recording from a native speaker which you could have the kids listen to (language lab or iPods for individual) or whole class.

Proyecto de ComidaFood Project
4 page document consists of:
– Description of assignment
– Checklist for Students
– 2 Rubric sheets for grading (use one out of the two)

Project allows students the choice of making or performing one of the following: skit, recorded video, interview, comic strip, Children’s book, storyboard, or powerpoint. Great way to differentiate and use multiple intelligences!

Project deals with:
Food vocabulary, Using commands, Direct Objects Pronouns, Verbs for ordering

-12 Different Bingo CardsComida Juego Bingo
-27 Food Vocabulary Pictures
-2 Clues describing each food in Spanish, promoting fluency. 54 Spanish definitions in total!

Play as a whole class or have students play in groups of 3-6 with one person being the caller.

Ready to use! Print and use in class today! No planning required. Makes great emergency sub plans or a fun Friday activity or for a day before a long break. Stress free planning.

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