Conjugation Fun

conjugation tener spanish condoritoStarting your Spanish class this year with review of basic conjugation? Perhaps -AR verbs in the present tense? Or -ER and -IR verbs? I love using these videos and songs to help review. They are funny and the kids love them.

If you have never heard of Señor Wooly before, go check out his website right now and buy his CD. Totally worth it. It is even available on iTunes. My favorite songs are “Guapo” “Puedo Ir al Baño” but his “Present Tense Conjugations” song is really a good rhythmic way to memorize those verb endings. I like shout-whispering the “-ER” and “-IR” parts of the song and the kids get a kick out of it!

I have to give kudos to Señor Mara as well for his most creative parodies of Justin Timberlake songs into Spanish grammar lessons. His videos are amazing. Students don’t know what to expect at the beginning of the video and by the end, they love it! For present tense -AR verbs you are going to want to watch “ConjugationsBack” and for stem change verbs be sure to check out “Cry me a verb” both available on Youtube and

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  1. Miriam says:

    We encourage Spanish at home by lttieng the kids watch DVDs in Spanish. They can watch 1 DVD/wk in English anything else is in Spanish plus, we don’t get any TV channels at our house so it’s Spanish or nothing Any ideas for getting the kids to actually SPEAK in Spanish? You’d think the fact that they could talk behind my back while standing right in front of me would be incentive enough but this hasn’t worked yet .

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