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Verb Cards- Present Tense
Great graphic organizer for students, can use as cheat sheet for homework, as study guide, differentiating for students, or as student incentives. Same size as a business card.

pack of 50 for 4.00

pack of 100 for 7.50


Verb Cards – PAST TENSE
Same as our present tense card, but now featuring the endings and irregular forms of the preterite! Great visual aide for students!

pack of 50-$3.99

pack 100 – $7.50


Vale la Pena Bookmarks
Si vale la pena hacerlo, vale la pena hacerlo bien2″ x 6″ Glossy finish bookmark. Great for student prizes.
set of 30 for $3.00 addtocart
100 for $5.99 addtocart

200 for $10.99 addtocart
300 for $15.00 addtocart

Me Gusta Español Bookmarks
Me gusta español. Es muy chido! Bookmark
2″ x 6″ Glossy finish bookmark. Great for student prizes. And kids love learning how to say “cool” in Mexico. ¡Es muy chido!
set of 30 for $3.00 addtocart
set of 100 for $5.99addtocart
set of 200 for $10.99 addtocart
set of 300 for $15.00 addtocart

‘Me Gusta’ Self-inking Stamp: Blue
Facebook Me Gusta StampMeasures 1.5″ by 9/16″ 

Students will love to have their paper marked with this! Blue ink makes it look just like facebook.

$17.99  SOLD OUT

Yo tengo, Quién tiene Cards:

Yo Tengo Quien Tiene TarjetasMeasures: Size of business card
Fill out these cards with a vocabulary word in order. The last word on one card becomes the first word on the next card. (For example: ‘Yo tengo un gato, ¿quién tiene un perro?’ ‘Yo tengo un perro, ¿quién tiene un pez?’ and so on.) You can write in your vocabulary words or even tape pictures to these cards.
pack of 100 for $3.50

It’s Colombia Not Columbia T-shirts
“It’s Colombia Not Columbia is a social movement that promotes the beginning of a It's Colombia Not Columbiachange on the perception held abroad about Colombia.” Step one: Spell it right! Only $15 each.

Medium-Sold out / Large-Sold out
Extra- Large addtocart $15.00



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6 Responses to Supplies

  1. Seni says:

    Are the “It’s Colombia…” T-shirts available in RED? Are the sizes men’s sizes or are there men’s and woemn’s sizes?

  2. Sarah F says:

    I have seen your Star Wars papa parody floating around on Pinterest, but I cannot find it here for purchase…where can I find it?

  3. adriana says:

    Can I replace the ink in the Me gusta stamp???

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