Spanish Webquest

One of my favorite reasons for using webquests is to have students discover information Webquests for Spanish Classon their own. I can take a step back and provide any necessary help, but the students are the ones doing all the work. They are completely engaged. Here are my favorite webquests: Continue reading

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Using old maps for bulletin board

Use old maps to create inspiring bulletin boardTake those old road maps, or vacation brochures with maps and create an inspiring bulletin board. Use the die-cut machine and create messages such as “Travel” or messages in the target language to inspire your students to see the world.

If you get catalogs advertising traveling with students, those are full of amazing pictures you can post. Post your own travel photos or print out images from pinterest or post travel quotes. (more quotes here)

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March Madness Song Bracket

March Madness Music BracketThis is one of my favorite lessons. I’ve only done it once so far, but it was a big hit with my students. I love playing music all the time anyway, so this was just a fun way to incorporate some more songs.

It’s an easy plan too:
1. Choose how many songs you want to use. Print out a bracket and fill in the names of the songs. One idea is to choose different genres of music. For example, in a 16 team bracket, you might have 4 songs from Pop, Rock, Bachata, and Salsa.

2. Create a playlist of these songs on youtube. Either use the official videos (or lyric videos if the official video is too risqué). Share the link with your students, either in class, on your class website, or class management such as Edmodo.  Tip: If you are going to share in class or on a worksheet, Use or QR code to make it easier so students don’t type in the wrong address.

3. Assign a bracket each night for students to listen to at home. They listen to two songs and decide which song they like better. Students who want to, can work ahead as well. As they listen to the song, have them make a list of 5-10 words they understood from the song and write the translation.

4. The next day in class, students vote on which song they like best and that song is the winner and advances to the next round. When you get to the second round, you can play the two songs in class and take a quick vote.

For an editable bracket, along with an editable, check out our World Language Music Lesson product, which includes a template for a 12 song and 16 song bracket as well as a sample Spanish bracket with 12 Spanish songs.Foreign Language Music LessonIf you do this activity in class, please share your brackets! You can email us at, or tweet us @SpanishPlans.

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Most Talked About

We thought we’d take the time to share some of our most provoking posts; ones that lead to some good discussions. We’d love for you to continue the discussions. We all learn when we share our perspectives. Click on each of the headlines below and add your own comments!
5 provoking Spanish Teaching posts

Why I don’t give my students Spanish names
I thought I was in the minority by not giving my students names in the target language. But looking at the comments, it pretty split down the middle. My biggest challenge to teachers that do give names is that they have a reason for doing so, and not because “it’s always been done”. I wonder where this tradition started because I don’t know any culture that assigns “English” names when learning English or any other language.
Continue reading

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Last Chance

Today is the last day to enter our month long giveaway. tpt giveaway

We’re giving away a $25 gift certificate to TpT plus two of our teacher meme products.

All you have to do is post one of our memes from to….

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Blog Share

I recently read some fellow blogs with some great ideas and wanted to pass them along.

1. “And the winner is….” by Aventuras Nuevas
In this blog post, the author shares how she takes a current event, such as the Oscar, and brings it to the classroom. Check out the impressive collection of authentic tweets that the students get to read the next day in class!

2. “Thief! A game to practice physical descriptions and direct object pronouns” by The Comprehensible Classroom.
Martina shares an old game she has used to practice asking and answering yes/no questions related to physical descriptions. A easy game that is sure to engage your students.

3. “The Road to Proficiency is Littered with Errors” by The Divergent Spanish Teacher
Sra. Carnes prepares her students for a communicative assessment by saying “If you are perfect and make no mistakes, you will NOT get a 100%. You will not get a 100 because if you make no mistakes, you stayed safe and gave me [this much]. It is not possible at this level of proficiency for you to be perfect AND do what I am asking you to do.” And she is spot on! We need to encourage our students to take risks and be more concerned about using the language that being afraid to make a mistake.

For more ideas for your Spanish class, check out our Spanish Pinterest Board
Spanish Teacher Pinterest Board

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Sims in Spanish

Sim games are pretty popular among teenagers, and with this game in Spanish, students Habbo Spanish Simscan practice their Spanish vocabulary of building a house and creating an avatar.

Según el sitio:

“¿Qué es Habbo?
Habbo es una comunidad virtual dirigida a jovenes a partir de 14 años, aquí puedes crearte un personaje y diseñar tus propias salas. Pero tambien hay otras muchas cosas que puedes hacer……conocer nuevos amigos, chatear, organizar fiestas, cuidar y entrenar mascotas virtuales, realizar retos, crear y participar en multiples juegos,…..y con muchas de las actividades del Hotel ganarás placas.

Habbo es principalmente un lugar seguro y emocionante donde divertirte con tus amigos.”

Students can sign up with facebook or email.

This may be something to check out yoursef to decide if it is something you could use in your class or suggest for students to play outside of class.

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February Meme Contest

February: It’s the year’s shortest month and yet somehow it feels like the longest. To help get us through the month, we’d like to add a little humor to your workplace. Many of you are familiar with our teacher memes, so we’d like to use this opportunity to spread the joy. Announcing our very first ever Teacher Contest with great prizes including two $25 gift certificates to Teachers Pay

Details, including how to enter below…. Continue reading

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Dia de San Valentin Blog Hop

Welcome Spanish Teachers,
We are happy to have you joining us as part of a Spanish Teacher collaborative Valentine’s Day Blog Hop! SpanishTeacherBlogHop

I happened to spend the month of September in Colombia, in which they celebrate el mes de amor y amistad, which is specifically celebrated on the 3rd Saturday. Common activities include playing “amigo secreto“. Amigo Secreto is played just like Secret Santa, where you pick names randomly and give them a gift secretly. Usually the first few weeks you give a gift of candies or sweets (endulzada) and then on the final “discovery” you give a nice gift.

Our freebie to celebrate this blog hop is Continue reading

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Colombian Breaking Bad

My favorite show was Breaking Bad, and I was excited when Univision announced it was Metastasisgoing to do a re-make of the show in Spanish. The adaptation is called “Metasasis” and is nearly identical to the U.S. version. Here we point out some of  differences. If you teach a high lever (of more mature students who may have been fans of the show), they may find these tidbits interesting. Continue reading

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