Teacher MemesTeacher Memes :
And Page 2
Memes of What the Teacher is thinking
Teacher Memes for Teachers Student Memes :
Memes of what the students are thinking
teacher problems ecardsTeacher E-Cards :
Said No Teacher Ever, Homework, Student Behavior, and more
Teacher Memes for Teachers Memes for Teachers :
Memes only Teachers will understand
Spanish Teacher Memes Memes for Spanish Teachers #PhrasesDeProfesFrases de profesores
ChisfotosFotos Chistosas
Chistes en forma de dibujos
Chistes for learning Spanish
en Spanish/Español and Spanglish

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Teacher Memes / Teacher Memes 2 / Student Memes / Memes for Teachers / Teacher E-Cards / Chistes / Fotos Chistosas / Memes for Spanish Teachers / Frases de ProfesoresPinterest Cómico

12 Responses to Chistes

  1. Jacky says:

    Jaja estos chistes están salvaje

  2. Anonymous says:

    buen chistes

  3. kike says:

    Good pág…jajaja:-)

  4. Anonymous says:

    Que hace un pez perezoso? Nada!

  5. Jomama says:

    What do you call a nosey pepper?
    jalapeño business!

  6. Rebecca Aguilar says:

    Yahoo! I needed new Spanish jokes for my classes this year and just now found your site. These are good ones and easy to understand! Thanks1

  7. Anonymous says:

    lik the jokes

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