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Travel Theme

After coming back from a year of absence traveling South America, I want to bring my experience of travel to the classroom. So this year, one of our major themes throughout the year will be travel and the richness of … Continue reading

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Spanish Webquest

One of my favorite reasons for using webquests is to have students discover information on their own. I can take a step back and provide any necessary help, but the students are the ones doing all the work. They are … Continue reading

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My Favorite Lessons

There are some activities that, as a teacher, I look forward to every year. Here are some of my favorite lesson plans for my Spanish class that I’m sure you will enjoy and your students will too. 1. Corte Ingles … Continue reading

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Immigration Resources

The following resources can be used during an immigration unit in your Spanish class: Songs: “A las Tres” por Enanitos Verdes: A migrant worker missing his family Pobre Juan by Maná Videos: “30 Days” Illegal Immigration: A border patrolling minute … Continue reading

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At the end of the year, I go around as students are cleaning out their lockers and am able to collect a lot of packs of notecards. These come in quite handy throughout the school various for various activities. Sometimes, … Continue reading

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Put in order

A good activity for students to practice new vocabulary or to check for understanding after reading is to have them arrange sentences in order. If you cut out sentence strips, this tactile activity is great for students to practice reading … Continue reading

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Teaching Commands through Context

I used to give students a handout of a graphic organizer for making the positive and negative tú commands. I would first go over the rules for making the command form and go over the irregulars with them. Then I … Continue reading

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America is Beautiful

Who would have thought that a television advertisement for a soft drink would have such a strong message, that it would make a wonderful message of teaching tolerance? That’s just the case with this Coca Cola Super Bowl 40 commercial … Continue reading

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Top 5 Sub Plans

It’s that time of year…. coughing, sneezing, child puking all night. Whatever the reason, we all need a good sub plan ready to go. Here is our top 5 sub plans for Spanish teachers:

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Resources for LA RUTINA DIARIA

Teaching a unit about la Rutina Diaria? Here’s some resources for your Spanish classroom for this Reflexive Verb unit: Música/Videos Sr. Mara sings Reflex your Verby Youtube Mr. Bean Getting Ready * Youtube videos of Los Solecitos (30 second PSA … Continue reading

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