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Cesar Chavez Day

March 31 is Cesar Chavez Day. Here are some resources to teach your students about this important American. Same video in Spanish. Youtube also has a PBS document “Chicano: Stuggle in the Fields.” My students already have some knowledge of … Continue reading

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Hispanic Heritage Month Post 4

During Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 – October 15) we will be posting articles and information relating to the impact of Latinos in the United as well as looking at their culture from their home countries. The goal of this … Continue reading

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Cinco de Drinko

Take a look at the above calendar of Mexican Holidays. Take a closer look. What’s missing? Mexico’s America’s favorite holiday: Cinco de Mayo. Or as they refer to it in Mexico: Cinco de Drinko. That is because Mexicans get a … Continue reading

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Columbus Day

Most schools around the country have Monday off in recognition of Columbus Day. In Latin America, most countries also recognize this day as “Día de La Raza“, although in Costa Rica it is called “Día de la Culturas” but in … Continue reading

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2 de Octubre No se Olvida

While reading the trending topics in Mexico on Twitter, I noticed one Called “no se olvida” and “2deOctubreNoSeOlvida“. Upon reading some tweets, I recalled the monument I saw in Mexico City in the Plaza de Tres Culturas. Known as the … Continue reading

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Laminas sobre la Independencia de Mexico

Estas laminas son de México sobre la Independencia. There are 4 pictures, and the back contains the information describing the pictures or events depicted on the front. Pictures are quite large. To download, right click and choose “Save As”. You … Continue reading

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Mexican Independence Day

¿Estás listo? Casi es El día de Independencia de México. Although more Americans can pronounce “Cinco de Mayo”, el dieciséis de septiembre is actually a national Mexican holiday. And not just ANY holiday; THE biggest national holiday in Mexico. So … Continue reading

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5 Things You Didn’t know about 5 de Mayo

5 Things you Didn’t know about Cinco de Mayo: 1: When: May 5th, 1862. Unlike Independence Day, celebrated September 15 and 16th, which is the largest national celebration, Cinco de Mayo is only celebrated regionally and in fact, is celebrated … Continue reading

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Cinco de Mayo

Oh great, it’s that time of year again. The one day a year Americans pay attention to the Mexican “culture”. It’s the one date your average American can say in Spanish. (Although I’m sure we’ve all had that student who … Continue reading

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