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Copa Mundial

Just finished this 12 page packet for the World Cup. This 12 page packet features a 4 page webquest where students will find out information about the tournament, the teams, and its history. Also features 4 songs including the 2010 … Continue reading

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Don’t say Happy Cinco de Mayo

CNN Español (in English) What you need to know about 5 de mayo. My favorite line from this: “Don’t Say Happy Cinco de Mayo to a Mexican. We don’t say that.”

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Lo curioso de cultura

Besides teaching how to communicate in a language, world language teachers also teach about culture and share our experiences from living in or visiting other countries. These stories also seem to fascinate the students. Students get to see how things … Continue reading

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Speak American

There seems to be something about sporting events and songs that honor America that brings out twignorants; people who post ignorant tweets. The last time, it was a a baseball game and a Mexican-looking person (not a real thing, by … Continue reading

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Revista Tú

I love buying magazines when I am in Latin America and seeing what I can use in the classroom. I have acquired a few issues of the Mexican teen magazine “Tú” and have found many of my students eager to … Continue reading

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La Liga Bulletin Board

This gallery contains 3 photos.

We took slides that our students created as a result of our Futbol webquest and turned it into a bulletin board: We arranged them in order as the teams finished the previous season with Barcelona at the top as champions, … Continue reading

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I’ll admit, I’m a huge soccer fan. And I’ve been lucky to attend World Cup qualifying games in Costa Rica to see the passion firsthand. Being the number one sport in Latin America (and the world) gave me even more … Continue reading

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America is a Continent

I decided to spread my influence outside my classroom this year and take on a bit of the hallway. I created the following display, featuring “Todos Somos América,” with an outline of North and South America and pictures of various … Continue reading

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Silencing the Talking Taco

I happened to take a look at some of the products a popular Spanish-teacher catalog was promoting. As someone who enjoys not only the language, but the culture of the Spanish-speaking world I was embarrassed by what I have seen … Continue reading

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¿Quién tiene la razón? ¿Cómo es posible que los dos tengan razón? One of the most important tasks outside of language learning that world language teachers face is to make our students aware of the world outside their community. To … Continue reading

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