Día de los Muertos

Día de los Muertos is fast approaching. We have compiled some resources for you to use in your classroom for this traditional holiday:
[Edit: Check out our new list of resources we have compiled here]

^Día de los Muertos video from misCositas.com (Download the script of this video). Can’t access youtube at school? No problem. Copy the url to mediaconverter.org, save it as a .mov file, download the converted file and you can show it year after year. Check youtube for other useful/informational videos.

^Article from univision.com “Calaveras contra calabazas“. This article discusses how Día de los Muertos is being overshadowed by the North American celebration of Halloween, especially in the younger generations. The 3 page article is definitely manageable for all levels of Spanish. Although upper levels would have an easier time with it, I plan on having my level 1 students read it and look for cognates and read for context.

^TeachersPayTeacher.com: See what other teachers have used in their classroom. Browse through 46 products ranging from powerpoints, worksheets, and flashcards, to word search and other activities. These products cost from $0.99 to $10.00. Created by teachers for their own classrooms and shared with other teachers, without the middle man (Publishing Companies who jack up the prices).

^Day of the Dead Galleries: Look at pictures taken in Mexican cemeteries as people practice the traditions of Día de los Muertos.

^Make your own sugar skulls: Follow this recipe and learn about making las calveritas.
^Make your own pan de muerto: Follow this receipe to make your own “dead bread”.

How will you celebrate “Día de los Muertos” in your class? Please post a comment below with your lesson for the day or any other resources you wish to share! If you are looking for other great Spanish resources for your classroom, check out our catalog of materials!

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Spanish Teacher in Chicago. Have studied or traveled to Costa Rica, Colombia, Spain, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Ecuador, Argentina, and Uruguay. Have taught level 1 at middle and high school levels. Degree in Spanish and Master's in Teaching and Leadership. Self Publisher of Spanish Educational Materials at www.SpanishPlans.org/Store
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3 Responses to Día de los Muertos

  1. claude baud says:

    I am so happy I found this site!! Every year, I make an alter, Pan de muerto, calaveras, papel picado and we read aztec poems . This year I will show the pictures and videos from this web site. Pictures do speak a 1000 words. thank you very much Claude

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